NO-OP system chaincode

NO-OP is a system chaincode that does nothing when invoked. The parameters of the invoke transaction are stored on the ledger so it is possible to encode arbitrary data into them.

Functions and valid options

  • Invoke transactions have to be called with ‘execute’ as function name and at least one argument. Only the first argument is used. Note that it should be encoded with BASE64.
  • Only one type of query is supported: ‘getTran’ (passed as a function name). GetTran has to get a transaction ID as argument in hexadecimal format. The function looks up the corresponding transaction’s (if any) first argument and tries to decode it as a BASE64 encoded string.


NO-OP has unit tests checking invocation and queries using proper/improper arguments. The chaincode implementation provides a facility for mocking the ledger under the chaincode (mockLedgerH in struct chaincode.SystemChaincode). This should only be used for testing as it is dangerous to rely on global variables in memory that can hold state across invokes.